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Wyjazdy Chrobrego z Erasmusem+

Spain is not only one of a kind place full of amazing architecture…

I remember my stay in Spain very well. I was surprised by the hospitality and amiability of the hosts. The town itself hid many attractions and beautiful, historic buildings.

I remember the trip to Seville the most and its beautiful, breathtaking architecture.

During the free time, the hosts took us to the top of the Metropol Parasol, from which we could see the whole city. It was one of the most beautiful views in my life. We also visited the Plaza de Espana, where we watched the flamenco show. The lectures that were carried out at school had a significant impact on developing our skills. Owing to the fact that we communicated in English during our stay, we learned to use it fluently and without hesitation.

After classes, we usually spent our free time meeting with the whole group, trying the Spanish cuisine and socialising. Given the opportunity, I would return to this beautiful place.

The trip helped me develop my artistic skills and satisfy needs of artistic development.

Spain is not only one of a kind place full of amazing architecture and sights but also offers a lot in terms of culture and unique customs. The host families were really eager and keen on teaching us how to prepare Spanish delicacies.

In my opinion everyone should at least once in his lifetime meet with this culture, people and customs as it is really worth it.

Eliza Wojdyło

I recall the mobility in Spain as one of the best moments in my life…

I recall the mobility in Spain as one of the best moments in my life, starting from the journey and ending on saying goodbye.

It all started on November 5 2017, the beautiful views made the long journey less tiring. The fact that I could see the beautiful Spanish nature and architecture was one of the adventages of the mobility. When we arrived, I was warmly welcomed by the host family. They were very kind and eager to meet me. Moment later, I went with them for a ride around the city so that I could see its most beautiful monuments and places. Then, after the ride, we stopped at the restaurant for dinner and we got to know each other better. That was the beguining of the week full of various activities, excursions and gaining knowledge about Spain and the Huelva region.

Every day I learned more about the local fauna and flora. At the same time I was making friends with peers from partner countries. One a day, we went to a place in Huelva from where Christopher Columbus set out on the journey and then he discovered America. Another day we went on a trip to Seville, where we went on a tour around the city. The next trip was to the nearby mountains, where we could see a traditional Spanish village. I spent a lot of free time with other participants of the mobility. We were shopping or relaxing in cafes.

Mobility in Huelva helped me to improve my English. I also had a chance to use a little bit of Spanish. What greatly influenced my linguistic progress at school and broadened my knowledge of Spanish culture. The mobility required a lot of work, but I would not replace it for anything else. For sure I will not forget this beautiful trip and for that I am grateful to those who made it possible.

Hubert Maczyszyn

Mobility in Turkey was a great experience…

Between Monday to Friday (19 – 23 February) there was an educational trip to Turkey within project Erasmus+, which five students from our school took part in. Our stay began on Monday and it started with an official opening party in a Turkish school in the city of Akhisar. Students from Turkey showed us around their school and and we had a chance to meet the city governors. We visited the ruins of ancient city in Akhisar too.

On Tuesday the students that took part in the mobility were giving presentations about alternative sources of energy. This was the most exhaustive day of all. After lectures we went to a wind power plant, where we learnt more about these kinds of power plants.

On Wendesday we had a special lecture a CLIL lesson and workshops about alternative sources of energy and their importance in modern world. After school we were invited to a traditional Turkish meal. After that we went to a hydroelectric dam in Demikopru and solar power plant in Golmarmara.

On Thursday morning all the Erasmus+ project groups went on a cultural trip to the biggest cities in the region of Manisa and Izmir. We visited the oldest mosque in city, beautiful ruins of ancient city Efez and mountain village Sirince, famous for its exquisite wine. That trip took almost all day.

Friday was the last day of mobility in Turkey. That day we presented advertising spots prepared by students from five coutries. We took part in workshops during which we created special posters about alternative sources of energy. After workshops there was a time to say goodbye and a certificate ceremony was held. Mobility in Turkey was a great experience and if i were asked I would definetely do it again.

Hubert Paprocki

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