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Mr. Janusz Przybysz retires (29th January 2024)


Mr. Janusz Przybysz, the headmaster of "Chrobry" in the years 1991-1997, educator of many wonderful graduates of our school and a physical education teacher retired after 40 years of work. Mrs. Jolanta Folwarska, the headteacher of the school, the teaching staff and the students thanked Mr. Przybysz for his hard work. For everyone, it was a tremendous moment, full of emotions and deep reflection on the importance of the teacher's work and, unfortunately, an inexorable passing of time. Mr. Przybysz, once again we thank you for the years of hard work, for the effort you put both as the headmaster, but also the educator and physical education teacher. Your commitment, passion, professionalism and loyalty strengthened and enriched our school community. Enjoy your retirement!

Dyr Jolanta Folwarska i Pan Janusz Przybysz.jpg

Graduate of "Chrobry" appointed the first Vice-Voivode of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship (17th January 2024)


We were happy to announce that Mr. Bartosz Brożyński, a graduate of "Chrobry" in 2012, was appointed the deputy voivode of West Pomeranian Voivodeship. We are very happy that the activities of Mr. Bartosz Brożyński has been appreciated. Mr. Bartosz Brożyński, accept our warm congratulations and best wishes for your success as you prepare to take up the responsibilities and challenges of your office.


Trip to the District Court (by Sara Gac, class 1d)


On 13th November 2023 the students of classes 1 and 4 took part at the trip to the District Court in Gryfice. During the visit we were acquainted with the institution. We learnt about the department operating there, the staff of the court and their role. We also learnt what electronic surveillance is and how it works, how to become a judge, how a court worker is dressed. We learnt about the punishments and consequences of certain acts and the story of Ewa – a girl who committed suicide because of online hate. We had the opportunity to see Gordon Allport’s pyramid of hatred, which is a scheme consisting of 5 stages that are characterized by increasing harm towards a discriminated person. The trip ended with a visit to the detention centre and other rooms located in the court. The students were eager to ask questions and listen with interest to the tour leader (the judge). In my opinion, the trip was interesting and successful, because it inspired me to link my future with the law and I could learn interesting new information.


'Chrobry' for the fifth time among the best secondary schools in Poland! (12th January 2024)


Liceum Ogólnokształcące z Oddziałami Dwujęzycznymi im. Bolesława Chrobrego in Gryfice for the fifth time received the title of 'The Bronze School' in the Secondary Schools Ranking 2023 created by 'Perspektywy' monthly. 'Chrobry' was ranked 30th in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship and 977th in Poland!

Europejska Liga Sądowa.jpg
Europejska Liga Sądowa 2.jpg

Lex Chrobry in the final! (8th January 2024)


We are proud to inform that after two exhausting semi - final rounds Lex Chrobry team was promoted to the final of the national competition of the European Court League! Maja Kaczorowska, Oliwia Górecka (4 C) and Iga Janowska (3 b) will fight for the victory in March. The European Solidarity Center in Gdańsk will become an arena of legal skirmishes for the arguments of the four best teams in Poland. The European Court League is an educational project whose aim is to popularize knowledge about human rights guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights and to show their practical significance, as well as to disseminate knowledge about the European Human Rights Court as a Cort guarding fundamental rights. As part of the competition, the teams participated in the simulation of a court dispute (the so - called ‘moot court’). The Vice President of the City present at the Łódź Science and Technology Center emphasized that similar competitions reveal the actual application of law. Łódź conquered. Time for Gdańsk!

Christmas market in Potsdam (22nd December 2023)


Beautiful illuminations, delicious dishes, a magical atmosphere of the upcoming holidays... These are the arguments that convinced the students to go to Germany - one of the countries where the tradition of Christmas market was born - once again. This year, the youth of our school chose Potsdam, where they visited, among others: Sanssouci Park, Cecilienhof Palace, Alexandrowka, the Dutch district and, of course, Christmas market.


Nativity Play 2023 – Commentary on the present day (20th December 2023)


On Wednesday, 20th December, the students and teachers of ‘Chrobry’ staged Jasełka (nativity play) for the entire school community and the invited guests from the Youth Sociotherapy Centre in Waniorowo. The traditional part of the nativity play was preceded by a prologue, which served as a commentary on the contemporary world. Exaggerated, slightly grotesque characters of Celebrity, Hatred and Egoist served as the opportunity to reflect on the place of values in human life. A special moment of this year's nativity play was giving presents to the pupils of the Youth Sociotherapy Centre in Waniorowo. Generous gifts were prepared by the students of our school. There is also a special joy in gift-giving. Thank you very much for your great heart!


Lesson with German philology students (20th December 2023)


The youth of our school once again had the pleasure to participate in German classes. The classes were prepared by the students of German philology department at the University of Szczecin. This topic of the lesson concerned environmental protection. 

Lex Chrobry promoted to semi-final of the national competition!

(19th December 2023)


We are proud to inform that Lex Chrobry team, whose members are Maja Kaczorowska, Iga Janowska and Oliwia Górecka, was promoted to the semi-final of the European Court League (Europejska Liga Sądowa). The European Court League is an educational program whose goal is to popularize knowledge about human rights guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights and to show their practical significance, as well as to disseminate knowledge about the European Human Rights Court in guarding fundamental rights. The above goal is implemented by organizing a competition involving the preparation of a film and participation in the simulation of a court dispute (the so -called "moot court"). The teams prepared a short film. The film "Stolen Dreams" prepared by the Lex Chrobry team was very highly rated by the jury. Thus, the girls are among the sixteen semi - finalists who will meet in Łódź to take part in the simulations of a court dispute before the European Court of Human Rights. Congratulations! Good luck in Łódź.

Europejska Liga Sądowa.jpg

Write for Rights – the final happening (18th December 2023)


On Monday, 18th December 2023, Today, at Zwycięstwa Square in Gryfice, the ‘Chrobry’ community organized a happening, summarizing the "Amnesty International Write for Rights" campaign, to manifest solidarity with the victims of regime governments around the world. The youth presented the heroes of this year's action, but also took care of the appropriate artistic setting. The recitation of poems and musical works corresponded thematically with the goals of the action and emphasized the objectives of the initiative. This year, the ‘Chrobry’ community wrote almost 300 letters. We believe that the action will achieve its intended goal.

Write for Rights.jpg

‘Write for Rights’ in Chrobry! (15th December 2023)


We are fast approaching the final of the international event organised by Amnesty International. This week the students and teachers of ‘Chrobry’ have written nearly three hundred letters(!) in defense of people whose rights are broken. Today, young activists from our school have started arduous - but satisfying! - work of putting letters in envelopes and addressing them. Thanks to everyone who took the time to write and send the letters.

Write for Rights.jpg

Is homeschooling the future of education? (15th December 2023)

Today, the youth took part in the next Oxford debate. This time the teams faced the thesis: ‘Homeschooling is the future of education’. The speakers showed the skills of expressing opinions and their arguments were substantive and balanced. The debate was won by the Opposition team, which means that they convinced the audience with their arguments, that home teaching is not the future of education. Congratulations!

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Adam Bodnar appointed the Minister of Justice! (13th December 2023)


We are happy to learn that Prof. Adam Bodnar, the graduate of our school, became the Minister of Justice in the government of Donald Tusk. Today, during the swearing-in ceremony, the new minister has spoken the words that are to become a signpost in managing the Ministry of Justice: observing the constitution, care for human rights and freedoms, the rule of law, the return of Poland to the group of loyal Member States of the European Union, the common good. The fact that Prof. Adam Bodnar was appointed the Minister of Justice makes the entire school community proud. This is a great distinction and promotion of our entire local community, as well as the best example that thanks to diligence and passion nothing is impossible. Congratulations!


Photo: Adam Bodnar, then the Commissioner for Human Rights, at the meeting with the students of ‘Chrobry’, in September 2017. 

Adam Bodnar_edited.jpg

Conversation ... with a living book! (7th December 2023)


Today, classes II D and III B took part in a very interesting in Zbigniew Załuski Municipal Public Library in Gryfice. The lesson was part of the ‘Living Library’ campaign. Students could choose the topic of the book. After a while, it turned out that behind the titles ‘Jew’, ‘Person with ADHD’, ‘A person with hidden disability’ or ‘A person with an autism spectrum’ were real people who talked about their, sometimes difficult and painful , lives. A sincere conversation helped students get acquainted with issues related to exclusion, stereotypes and equal treatment. The organizers from Lambda Szczecin organisation managed to create a comfortable and free mood. The meeting was also a great opportunity to visit our city library, get acquainted with its book collection and feel the magic of Christmas.

LAMBDA Szczecin.jpg

'Mikołajki na sportowo’ (6 th December 2023)


Today, artistic and sports competitions in the festive mood took place in the "Gryf Arena" sports and entertainment hall. The youth competed in sports events, such as an obstacle course, throwing a sack of gifts or a reindeer race. Also, they took part in a music quiz, the winner of which were the representatives of class I d. We thank the Parents' Council for funding sweets and prizes for the winners.


From Gamer to Engineer (4th December 2023)


Today an amazing guest visited our school - Dr Dorota Dzięga-Pietruszkiewicz, professor of the West Pomeranian Business School. She led a workshop ‘From Gamer to Engineer’. Students of classes IC, IIB, IIIB and IVA had the opportunity to learn about the work of contemporary computer game designers, and then play the role of a beginner graphic artist and a project team manager. It was a great promotion of technical faculties! Thank you and Welcome again!


Scholarship holder of the Prime Minister 2023-2024 (4th December 2023)


We are happy to announce that the scholarship holder of the Prime Minister in the 2023-2024 school year is Tomasz Skrylonek from class III b. Today in the presence of Mrs. Jolanta Folwarska - the headmaster of the school, parents and colleagues from the class, Tomasz hang a golden plaque commemorating his success. The scholarship of the Prime Minister is received by a student who received promotion with distinction (while obtaining the highest average grade in the school) or shows special talents in at least one field of knowledge. Congratulations! Tomasz, we wish you more success!

Złota tabliczka.jpg

Handing over the school banner (1st December 2023)


Today in our school a solemn ceremony took place. The school banner went into the hands of younger students. The new members of the colour party are: Jakub Łopianowski, Oliwia Dyjak, Antonina Aleksandrowicz and Klaudia Bułhak. The school headmaster, Mrs. Jolanta Folwarska, thanked the outgoing colour party (Maciej Szczęsny, Monika Polniak, Viktoria Samulińska, Marcelina Stefańska and Nastazja Mroczkowska) for their service. 


Watch out for a selfie! 


On 29th November, students of classes II C, II D and III C watched the instructive spectacle #Selfie in Uckermärkische Bühnen Schwedt. The spectacle, directed by Ch. Quintan, tells the story of three friends: Lily, Emma and Chris. However, one evening - one selfie and a crazy party - will put a strong bond of the heroes to the test. ‘Selfie’ faithfully shows the world of young people - a world full of energy in which young people live in the moment. However, the boundaries set once and for all cannot be crossed, and at any age you should behave reasonably. After the performance, the students met with the actors and took part in a discussion about contemporary problems of young people and threats lurking in cyberspace.

Schwedt Theater.jpg

Welcome to Berlin! (24th November 2023)


The students of ‘Chrobry’ spent the Friday afternoon and evening in Berlin. They visited the Museum of Technology, where they admired very interesting exhibits illustrating the development of aviation, sailing, computer science and other fields of science. Then they went to the Friedriechstadt - Palast Theater to watch an amazing show "Falling/ in Love". The performance, inspired by the poem by William Blake’s "The Garden of Love", is an affirmation of life and diversity. The performance was breathtaking. Great music, wonderful performances of songs, amazing choreography, acrobatic shows, lights, and above all wonderful costumes and an awesome stage, to build which one hundred million Swarovski crystals were used, will remain in the memory of the participants, It was a really unforgettable evening!

Berlin Show.jpg

"In the service of the law" (23rd November 2023)


This is the name of the National Prison Service project related to the prevention of crimes among young people. As part of thisproject, students of classes IA and IIIB took part in workshops that took place at the Penitentiary Institution in Nowogard. During the visit to the prison, the school students increased their knowledge, among others about criminal liability. They also confronted their ideas about prison life with reality and learned the structure of the prison in Nowogard.

Święto Niepodległości.jpg

"Ignorantia Iuris Nocet" (22nd November 2023)


"Ignorance of the law is harmful" – the students of classes 3 A and 3 B learnt how to understand this Latin phrase while taking part in a lecture on human rights. The lecture, held at Szczecin University, was part of the trip to Szczecin.

Uniwersytet Szczeciński.jpg

Speed debating in Chrobry!


On 16th November the school Debate Club invited students to take part in fast discussions 1 to 1 and to learn about the work of the club. During four fast "1 on 1" debates with 4 different people on 4 different topics the students were giving arguments for and against. They were talking about important matters, practised discussion skills and had a lot of fun. They also learnt about the Debate Club. 

Speed debating.jpg

Students celebrate Independence Day


On 10th November students and teachers took part in the next edition of the nationwide event ‘School to the anthem’. At 11:11 sharp the whole school community sang ‘Mazurek Dąbrowskiego’. On 13th November the students presented a verbal – music spectacle to celebrate the 105th anniversary of of the restoration of Independence of Poland. During the performance the youth sang ‘Mazurek Dąbrowski’, the fragments of "Rota" and other patriotic songs. They also recited poems.

Dzień Niepodległości.jpg
Wymiana polsko-hiszpańskiej.jpg
Wymiana pl-esp.jpg

Spanish students in Poland! (29 października 2023)

After the exchange in Spain, there was time for the mobility in Poland. On 19th October 15 Spanish students and 2 teachers arrived in Gryfice, where they spent eleven days. The young people were hosted by the Polish students. The first offical meeting was held on Friday, 20th October. Mrs. Jolanta Folwarska, Principal of the school welcomed the guests from Spain and wished them an interesting stay not only at the school, but also in the region. After the official meeting, the exchange participants took part in a crash course in Polish, prepared by the students of ‘Chrobry’. The weekend was devoted to exploring different parts of the Zachodniopomorskie Province. The host families took their guests to numerous places: Szczecin Kołobrzeg, Międzyzdroje, Świnoujście, Wolin, Koszalin and Resko. The next part of the mobility programme was a visit in Gdański - one of the European capitals of culture. There the students visited the Main Town Hall and the Royal Road, the longest urban axis of the European Middle Ages, which made a great impression on our guests. The Gothic-Renaissance style of the town hall and the so-called Gdańsk houses (characteristic tenement houses with narrow facades with gables, additionally decorated with coats of arms or allegorical figures) bathed in the autumn sunshine contributed to the unique atmosphere and mood of the moment. Moreover, the young people visited the Artus Court located opposite the famous Neptune Fountain and the Uphagen House on Długa Street - the only reconstructed tenement house, which today reminds us of the former glory of Gdańsk. A unique point of the program was the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre. The building is considered one of the greatest works of architecture in recent years - it is the only theatre in the world with an opening roof! The theatre was built in the place where the first public theatre of the Republic of Poland was located in the 17th century. The Elizabethan stage and the opening roof, which allows viewers to fully travel to Shakespeare's era, are particularly impressive. The next day of the Polish-Spanish exchange started with a morning walk, after which the students reached the Museum of the Second World War. On Tuesday afternoon, they went to Sopot, where they were walking along one of the most famous streets in Poland, Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street, and along the famous pier. Thursday and Friday were the days which the Spanish students spent in our school. They, together with the Polish students, took part in lessons, for example geography, physics, social studies, maths, German and English as well as a sports competition, art workshop and round table debate on the differences and similarities between Polish and Spanish schools. They also took over the role of Indiana Jones and found a treasure by answering questions about Poland. The exchange ended with the ceremony, which took place in the Józef Pańkowski Hall. Mrs. Jolanta Folwarska, Principal of the school, thanked all the exchange participants, expressing special words of gratitude to the parents for fruitful cooperation and creating an open, warm home for the Spanish guests. The Principal also handed out certificates of participation in the exchange. The solemn mood of the moment was emphasized by entries in the school's commemorative book. It was a very touching moment, there were endless tears … . This is how history is made. This is how the future is created.

Wymiana - Hiszpania_edited.jpg
Hiszpania - wymiana_edited.jpg

‘Chrobry’ in Spain! (19th October 2023)


The students of ‘Chrobry’ had a chance to develop their language, educational and cultural competences while taking part in a cooperation with a Spanish school - I.E.S Carlos Casares in Viana do Bolo. The most important part of the cooperation was the exchange, which started on 9th October. On that day 15 students and 2 teachers of ‘Chrobry’ set off to Spain where they spent the next ten days. The programme of the exchange was very attractive. During the mobility the participants took part in lessons in the Spanish school, played games, tried regional delicacies such as androlla or chorizo and browsed the stalls at the street market in Viana do Bolo. They also took part in traditional celebrations: Fiesta Nacional de España and Grape Harvest Festival in in Punxeiro. One of the most important goals of the exchange was visiting the most interesting places in the neighborhood. The students visited places in Portugal and Spain: the 17th century cathedral in Ermitas, a charming Portuguese town of Chaves with the medieval castle of Castelo de Chaves and the ruins of Roman thermal baths, the city of Ourense. They also visited Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Galicia, where they saw many monuments, including the cathedral, the historic city government building and the monastery. Other interesting places were A Coruña and Lugo. The participants had the opportunity to climb to the top of the oldest working lighthouse, which was probably built during the reign of Emperor Trajan. In Lugo they walked along the defensive walls butli in the 4th century and saw the Casa dos Mosaicos (the mosaic museum). The students also had a chance to experience the nature: Lake Sanabria, Peña El Concejo Vigo de Sanabria or the highest peak of Galicia - Cabeza de Manzaneda. The exchange lasted 11 days and was an unforgettable experience for all participants. International student exchanges are an interesting form of learning that brings many tangible benefits. Thanks to them, young people break stereotypes, learn tolerance, open up to the world, learn foreign languages, and, above all, make friends.

Students made their choice! (17th October 2023)


After a one-week election campaign during which the candiadates for the position of the President of the Student Council could present their manifestos and discuss their programmes during a debate, the students of ‘Chrobry’ made their choice. They elected Łukasz Siemaszko – a student from class III C – to the position of the new Presinent. In his manifesto Łukasz wrote: ‘My name is Łukasz Siemaszko, I am in class 3c. I really enjoy getting to know other people and I'm always ready to help. If I become the President of the Student Council, my main goal will be to strengthen cooperation between students and teachers and continue current programs in our school. I would also like to organize interesting events. I believe that together we will show what the Student Council is and work together for our common good!’. Congratulations to Łukasz and good luck


Fourth-grade students on a pilgrimage (15th October 2023)

On 9th October fourth-grade students set off on a six-day pilgrimage. The first part of the pilgrimage program was a difficult lesson of the apocalypse carried out in the German Nazi concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, where the Germans murdered over a million human beings (mostly Jews) on an industrial scale. The students spent the next two days in Zakopane. They visited places related to John Paul II, i.e. the National Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima and the Church of Our Lady of Częstochowa. After a moment of reflection, there was time to explore the attractions near Krupówki Street and enjoy beautiful mountain landscapes on Gubałówka and on the route to the famous lake Morskie Oko. The moment that a lot of students were waiting for was a visit at the biggest amusement park in Poland – Energylandia. They had a chance to overcame their barriers of uncertainty and fear, getting on the highest rollercoasters not only in Poland, but also in Europe. The last two places the participants of the trip visited were Cracow and Częstochowa, where the students could attend a mass at Jasna Góra and get some time to visit the shrine.


Time to debate: Is homework necessary? (5th October 2023)


On 5th October the students of ‘Chrobry’ took part in a round table debate on homework. The starting point for the debate were the following questions: Do students do homework? How much time do they spend doing them? Do they do them on their own? What do they use? Should homework be graded and mandatory? The debate was very lively. The participants willingly shared their opinions and thoughts, which will certainly be taken into account when making decisions about homework at school.

Debata - zadania domowe_edited.jpg

‘Totalitarianisms of the 20th century - the curse of Europe’ at the Przełomy Dialogue Centre in Szczecin (29th September 2023)


Can we preserve the memory of history and at the same time draw conclusions from it? Do we learn from the mistakes of the past? Why are totalitarian systems born although the World still remembers the hell of World War II and the Cold War? The students from class III B were trying to find answers to these questions during a live history lesson at the Przełomy Dialogue Centre in Szczecin.


‘Dzieje grzechu’ " on the stage of the Opera at the Castle in Szczecin!

(29th September 2023)

On 29th September students from classes 3 c, 4 a, 4 c and 4 d watched the ballet ‘Dzieje grzechu’ (The Wages of Sin) based on the novel by Stefan Żeromski. The students liked the dance adaptation choreographed by Karol Urbański. Beautiful music setting, provided by the orchestra under the direction of Jerzy Wołosiuk, complemented the work, while the operatic singing of Lucyna Boguszewska, Joanna Myśliwska-Drożdż and Paweł Wolski intensified the solemn and touching mood of the play. Can a woman's love make her hit rock bottom? Can she save her dignity in the world dominated by men? The story of Ewa Pobratyńska, her life full of tragedy and overwhelming passions, aroused emotions and made art recipients reflect.

Dzieje grzechu.jpg

Educational trip to Koszalin

(28th September 2023)

On 28th September classes I C and II B took part in an educational trip to Kszalin, where they participated in educational workshops organised by Koszalin University of Technology. The programme was very interesting. First, the students listened to a fascinating lecture on the use of artificial intelligence in computer graphics. Then it was time for intellectual competition during the Oxford debate. The topic of the debate was: Is it worth taking part in school self-government? It was a great opportunity to develop public speaking skills and learn how to talk about different perspectives of important topics. Finally, the students listened to an interesting lecture about a social campaign conducted in Hong Kong. They learned that community involvement can bring about a positive change and improve people's lives. The one-day school trip was an unforgettable educational experience.


Time to go to Rogowo! Integration camp for first graders

(23 września 2023)

One of the traditions of our school is an integration camp combined with hazing (otrzęsiny). This year students from classes I A, I B, I C, I D and I E went to Rogowo for a two-day camp. On the first day of the camp the students competed in artistic and sports games. In the evening they spent time by the bonfire and later had a good time at the disco during which the winner of the competition was announced. On Friday, after the previous day’s fierce competition, there was time to relax at the beautiful beach. The camp was a chance to get to know each other better, strengthen the relationships and spend time actively at the seaside. By the way, the winner of the competition was class I B. Congratulations

Biwak integracyjny.jpg

Milena Wasyliadis among the best high school graduates in Poland!

(21 września 2023)


We are happy to announce that Milena Wasyliadis, a student of class IV B in the 2022-2023 school year, received a diploma for the excellent results in the matura exam in the 10th edition of the nationwide project ‘Matura na 100 procent’! This means that Milena was among the best high school graduates in Poland! In the 2023 edition of the ‘Matura na 100 procent’ project , organized by Fundacja Zawsze Warto, 95 high school graduates from all over Poland met the criteria of the project. These are the finalists of this year's edition. One of them is Milena who on 21st September 2023 received the Marshal of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship award – PLN 2,500. Milena, congratulations on the great results! Your success makes your loved ones,the school and the entire local community proud of you! We wish you good luck and your dreams come true!


‘Przegląd Literacki LIPA 2023. Oliwia Kujawa - laureate of the nationwide competition! (15 września 2023)


We are happy to inform that Oliwia Kujawa, a student from class II A, received the title of the laureate in the XXVII National Review of Children's and Youth Literary Creativity Lipa '2023 (XXVII Ogólnopolskim Przeglądzie Dziecięcej i Młodzieżowej Twórczości Literackiej LIPA’ 2023) under the patronage of the President of the City of Bielsko-Biała! Nearly 400 authors took part in this year's review. After getting acquainted with almost a thousand works, the jury decided to honor the texts of 62 authors in the ‘Lipowy’ almanac. Oliwia’s poem ‘Butterfly’ will be published in this collection! We strongly encourage you to read the poem by our student and invite you to visit Oliwia’s website: Oliwia, congratulations, we are very proud of you. We wish you further successes and we are looking forward to your first volume of poetry!

Oliwia Kujawa.png

EUROWEK - learning through play and experience (11 września 2023)


The students from classes II D and IV A took part in a five -day Euroweek workshop in Lądek Zdrój. During classes, conducted only in English by experienced volunteers from Georgia, Mexico and Italy, they developed Communications and leadership skills and built confidence. The classes were held in the form of presentations, workshops or team games. The students also learnt the history, culture and customs of other countries. There was also time to relax during walks, discos and sports activities. It was a wonderful, useful and creative time spent with people full of passion and commitment. The goals of the trip were achieved, which was confirmed by the certificates.


‘Nad Niemnem’ not only in Polish! National Reading Day in ‘Chrobry’

(8 września 2023)


LO Chrobry once again took part in a nationwide annual readathon promoting reading and Polish literature – known as National Readin Day. This year, Poles in the country and abroad read Eliza Orzeszkowa’s novel that impresses not only with extensive, artistic descriptions of the Niemen River nature, but also with a panoramic picture of the Polish society. The students and teachers did everything to make this day special and take care of the appropriate scenery and musical setting of the event. There were also typical rural props or costumes from the era of ‘steam and electricity’. The unusual and interesting point of the program was the participation of the Ukrainian youth who presented fragments of the novel in their native language.

Nad Niemnem - Narodowe Czytanie.jpg

Known and unknown - in Gryfice (23 czerwca 2023)


On 23rd June class IIb students went on a trip in the footsteps of the monuments and forgotten places of the city of Gryfice. The guide on this unusual journey was Iga Janowska. Young people visited less known places in Gryfice - the existing ones (e.g. the church of the Holy Mother of God or a new town house at the Zwycięstwa Square) and those destroyed by the course of time and people (a town hall, a school for girls or the monument of Wilhelm I ). The students also learned that there are so-called to-forget places (‘miejsca niepamięci’) in Gryfice: a synagogue (transformed into a warehouse in communist Poland, later demolished) and a Jewish cemetery (destroyed by the Third Reich after the crystal night; the ruins of tombstones were used to build the walls at Broniszewska Street and Dąbskiego Street. Iga, thank you for this important and wise lesson!


Different but Equal! (21 czerwca 2023)


On 21st June, 2023 our school community took part in a colorful march along the streets of the city, thus celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Polish Association for Disabled People in Gryfice. The association works to equalize the opportunities of people with intellectual disabilities, creates conditions for observing human rights, leads them to active participation in social life and supports their families. Many thanks to young people for another testimony of sensitivity and support of an important institution in our city.

Każdy inny.jpg

European Days in Chrobry (5 czerwca 2023)


As part of the European Day celebrations, the youth from the European Club and Erasmus+ project team organized a meeting on the cultural diversity of the European Union countries. The meeting program included a staging of selected countries, a relation about the youth exchange in Bulgaria and a round table debate about the adoption of the euro by Poland. It is worth mentioning that young people showed an expert knowledge of English.

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1st place in Poland for LO Chrobry in ‘Liga Sprawiedliwości’ competition!



Students of LO Chrobry - Iga Janowska, Franciszek Chyla, Mateusz Król and Tomasz Skrylonek from class II B - masterly solved the task about copyrights at the 9th week of the Liga Sprawiedliwości competition, obtaining the maximum number of points. With this excellent result, the team ‘Chrobry i Spraiwedliwi’ was promoted to the finals in which they won ... a gold medal! Young people performed tasks - mainly about law - from March. On the official website of the competition, organized by the Ministry of Justice, we read that its main goal was to get young people interested in legal issues and devolop the skills of working in a team. During the competition the participants faced questions about law, e.g. initiating bailiff enforcement, exclusion of a judge, buying land and obtaining building permit, compensation, establishment of associations, differences between the employment contract and the commission contract, the principles of correct citation and copyright in practice or lodging cassation and appeal. The form of performing the task was indicated by the competition organizer. Iga, Tomasz, Mateusz and Franciszek presented the problems in literary, multimedia or art forms. The tasks were different and of varying difficulty. Often the topic seemed simple, even banal, but it hid some hidden content, which is why each task was discussed for a long time, so as to show all the nuances of the problem. On May 22, the team faced the final task. The students, supervised by Mr. Tomasz Jędras, developed a collage depicting dilemmas and legal actions of a retired doctor. Their work was awarded the maximum number of points form the members of the jury – and the historical gold medal went to the students from ‘Chrobry’. Chrobry i Sprawiedliwi - congratulations, we wish you more successes in the future!

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We have the final! National Knowledge Competition about  Nicolaus Copernicus (04.2023)

We are pleased to announce that Łukasz Siemaszko and Miłosz Witaszek, students from Class 2 c, qualified for the final of the National Knowledge Competition about Nicolaus Copernicus! In the final, our students will face 46 peers from all over Poland. It is worth mentioning that only three students from the West Pomeranian Provence qualified for the last stage of the competition, which will take place in Torun in June.

Łukasz and Miłosz have already started preparing for the June finale. Among other things, they learn to recognize stars, planets and constellations. Congratulations and we wish you success!


Students of  ‘Chrobry’  in Bulgaria - a country of tasty food and ancient culture (04.04.2023)

In the first week of April the students of our school took part in the Erasmus + student exchange .  Six students and two teachers spent a week in Sofia, learning the secrets of successful cooperation between young people, local authorities and non -governmental organizations.

The program of the mobility was  very rich. During the week's stay, young people took part in meetings with the representatives of the local government, regional educational authorities and non -governmental organisations. The students developed the ability to work on the eTwinning platform and prepared a photo exhibition on active democratic participation.


Also, there was time to explore Bulgarian culture. The mobility participants visited the most interesting parts of Sofia,  went on a trip to the Rila monastery in the Rila Mountains, tasted the delicacies of Bulgarian cuisine. They participated in workshops during which they learnt Bulgarian folk dances and songs.  The program also included artistic workshops, theater workshops and sports activities.


Before you make plans, check your skills! (22.03.2023)

Entrepreneurship Day On March 22, 2023, the third graders of our school took part in an educational program called "Entrepreneurship Day". The goal of the program is to support young people in making accurate decisions regarding their future education and career. The program includes adults in youth education and builds good relations between the school and local companies and institutions. Students, thanks to one day internships in companies and institutions, are able to verify their ideas about their dream profession, learn its specificity in practice and obtain information about the required knowledge, skills or predispositions necessary to perform it.

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Get to know the neighbourhood and ….. fall in love with Trzebiatów! (21.03.2023)

On the first day of spring – 21st March, 2023 – students from class II B went to Trzebiatów to learn about the cultural and historical heritage of the city and the region. The youth visited a museum and cultural complex at the Trzebiatów Centre of Culture. The students took part in a museum lesson and admired an impressive collection of objects from different eras, illustrating everyday lives of the inhabitants of Trzebiatów. They also visited an interesting exhibition of the works of an artist from Poznań - Katarzyna Słuchocka. The next point of the trip was the exploration of the most interesting parts of the town. One of the students, Kacper Ładyżyński, showed his peers the most popular monuments of Trzebiatów. Young people visited the 14th century Church ot the Motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary, admired murals, and walked along city walls past the famous Kaszana tower. We owe especial thanks to the staff of the Trzebiatów Centre of Culture - Mrs. Beata Frąckowiak, Anna Rzepecka and Marta Górska - for hospitality, organization of an interesting history and culture lesson as well as all gifts and awards.

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2nd edition of the Young Lawyer Academy! (18.03.2023)

We are pleased to announce that the students of our school are participating part in the second edition of the Young Lawyer Academy. The Academy is an innovative educational project, organized by the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Szczecin. It is addressed, among others to general high school students from the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. The mission of the Young Lawyer's Academy is to popularize legal knowledge among young people and to shape legal awareness. The project meetings, held from March to June 2023, are conducted by specialists and practitioners who will explain the most difficult legal issues and answer student’s questions.

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"Chrobry" first to help. PLN 1,200 for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria (06.02.2023) 

On Monday, February 6, 2023, the Turkish-Syrian border was hit by a powerful earthquake. The number of victims is increasing every day. The latest death toll in both countries is 24,000. Rescuers from over 70 countries, including Poland, provide help to the victims. The school community joined the international community and organized a fundraiser for the victims of the earthquake. A spontaneous collection took place at school on February 10, on the last day of school before the winter holidays. The youth once again proved that in their hearts there is a place for every person, regardless of their nationality. The amount collected - PLN 1,200 - is the best testimony to the solidarity of "Chrobry" with the suffering people.The money will be transferred to the Polish Humanitarian Action.

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Why not join the army? (31.01.2023)

Today, the fourth grade students took part in a meeting with with the representatives of the 36th Mrzeżyński Air Defense Missile Squadron. During the meeting the students learned about the most important tasks, the structure and the current equipment of the Mrzeżyński Squadron. The meeting turned out to be very interesting for the students.

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About funds from the European Union with the youth - the future of the nation (29.01.2023)

Yesterday, our school was visited by Mr. Tomasz Aniuksztys - the leader of the Noble Gift charity organisation in Gryfice County and the head of the Local Information Point of the European Union. Mr. Aniuksztys talked about obtaining EU funds for various projects and investments. The students found the topic very interesting. They willingly asked questions and inquired about the possibility of implementing various tasks with the support of EU funds. The meeting was organized by the School European Club


The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is playing again! (29.01.2023)

The 31st Grande Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is playing on Sunday, 29th January. The Grand Finale is a one-day public fundraiser. Traditionally, the Grand Finales are preceded by online auctions, activities, and events starting in December. This year's Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity plays under the theme: ‘We want to beat sepsis!’, a serious life-threatening condition. Today, the community of "Chrobry" joined the fundraiser and organized a charity fair. Pastries prepared by students and their parents were selling like the proverbial hotcakes.


Oxford Debate on Human Rights (24.01.2023)

Today, the students took part in the third edition of the Oxford debate. This time the topic was about human rights. The thesis of the debate: 'Human rights in the world are effectively protected'. After listening to the substantive arguments of both sides - the Proposal and the Opposition - the audience decided that the winner of the debate was the Opposition team, which proved that human rights in the world are, unfortunately, violated. Although there are laws and organizations protecting human rights, they are often violated. The Oxford debate was organized by the Erasmus + Project Team, the School Debate Club and the School European Club.


‘Macbeth’ from the National Theatre of Education in Wrocław in Gryfice 

Today our students took part in an unusual event at the Gryfice Leisure Centre. The youth watched the performance of ‘Macbeth’ directed by Michał Hachlowski and based on William Shakespeare's play. The performance was staged by the team from the National Theatre of Education in Wrocław. The production was warmly received by young people. The organizers also prepared a short theatrical lesson for the audience.


In the Gryfice Leisure Centre - novel by Ch. Dickens (13.01.2023)

Today in the Gryficki Dom Kultury the students from class 3c staged 'A Christmas Carol' based on the novel by Charles Dickens. The young people not only showed a high level of performance but also designed and made atmospheric scenography and stylish costumes. It is worth mentioning that the students presented their own version of the play in English!

More pictures: HERE

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'Chrobry' for the fourth time among the best secondary schools
in Poland! (12.01.2023)

Liceum Ogólnokształcące z Oddziałami Dwujęzycznymi im. Bolesława Chrobrego in Gryfice for the fourth time received the title of 'The Bronze School' in the Secondary Schools Ranking 2023 created by 'Perspektywy' monthly. 'Chrobry' was ranked 30th in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship and 954th in Poland. 

Christmas Market 2022 - Berlin (12.2022)

The trip of Chrobry students to Berlin included sightseeing and visiting the Christmas Market. Berlin appeared to be a great place. Our students learned about the history of the city and the main sites. And finally, the main goal of the trip was achieved - the Christmas Market.n German markets are an essential part of the culture and attract a significant number of tourists every year. The feeling among the tour participants was exceptional. The smell and taste of German delicacies and beautifully decorated stalls impressed everyone. All this made the students of Chrobry feel the wonderful Christmas atmosphere.


Our visit at university (12.2022)

On the 15th December some students from our school went to Szczecin to participate in language workshops. The students were divided into two groups. One of them actively participated in English workshop about academic writing. The school had an opportunity to do some tasks connected with using formal vocabulary and academic writing style. The knowledge they acquired will undoubtedly help with their future exams. The other group took part in a German workshop titled Christmas traditions. Our students learned about some interesting customs which are popular in Germany. The trip was really successful and it was definitely worth going there.

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